Movement Training for Pickleball

Note: these clinics are over for the 2023 outdoor season. If you are interested in personalized movement/conditioning sessions, please get in touch here.

The goal of these clinics is to increase your enjoyment of Pickleball, help you feel more confident on the court, and prevent injury.

The exercises are designed to explore 3 fundamental connections in the body:

  1. How the arm connects to the torso through the shoulder.
  2. How the torso connects to the core.
  3. How the body’s core or center relates to the ground through the legs.
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Saturday, May 27

Exercise Sequence

NOTE: I will be posting videos of each of these exercises in the next day or two. 

  1. Warm-up: rotating wrists and ankles; light jogging and/or bouncing in place
  2. Passive arm swing with ball
  3. Arm swing with resistance band, forwards and backwards
  4. Lowering your center of gravity while protecting your back and knees
  5. Rocking forwards and back through the feet with bent knees (athletic position) to work on balance
  6. Practicing the split-step with lateral (side to side) shift
  7. Moving the paddle in an “X” across the torso
  8. Tossing a tennis ball (working the neurological system – reaction time, tracking, eye-hand coordination)

Plan for Saturday, June 3

Exercise Sequence

This clinic will basically be a repeat of the previous week, with a little more time and individual attention given to each exercise and participant.

Questions? Feel free to call or text me @ 413-695-8766.