Movement and Longevity

The Long Game is about developing a practice that makes us feel better now, and gives us the best chance of continuing to feel strong, healthy, resilient and comfortable in our bodies as we age. A “longevity practice” encompasses movement and exercise, nutrition, sleep, keeping our brains agile, and maintaining a deep connection to ourselves and others.

Dynamic Movement Training™ (DMT) is a training method I’ve developed over the past few years through my work with clients and athletes. I believe it’s a smarter way to exercise. Here’s why:

1: DMT works with and strengthens your body’s natural movement patterns, promoting ease and efficiency of movement, or flow.

2: DMT emphasizes 3-dimensional, full-body movement, increasing your mobility, stability, and range of motion.

3: Fascia is the connective tissue that forms a continuous web throughout the body. DMT trains the fascia, increasing elasticity, resiliency, and sensory-motor awareness.

4: DMT draws on diverse movement practices, from dance and yoga to primal movement, as well as traditional strength and endurance training.

5: DMT playfully engages and challenges the body’s kinesthetic intelligence, improving balance, coordination, and confidence.

6: DMT primes and energizes your body for movement and athletic performance, reducing the risk of injury and improving your game.

7: DMT is adaptable to any fitness level. Wherever you are, whatever your goal, Dynamic Movement Training will move you toward a state of better health, balance and well-being.